Sex Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

by Shesdead

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released March 1, 2010

Recorded and produced by Shesdead in Lemon Studio.
Artwork by Mara



all rights reserved


Shesdead Romania

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Track Name: Live fast die young
the moment that's commin'
the time rain that's fallin'
embracin' the darkness
the evil the sadness
and runnin' not crawlin'
exploding a new star
one sunset the last one
is perfect i'm dying

i did my time i lived my life
live fast
i did my time i lived my life
die young

continue to explore
the realm you cannot see
you are a beautiful dream
among the other stars

i am
the story teller
i'll take you to a place
with rabbits and queens

forgive me now
for everything i've done
forget me not
i love your broken heart

one rainbow just one shot
a free ride to nowhere
no fear just feel
the colours the flowers
and cryin' but happy
is madness is painless
i'll do it
so give me one chance and
i'll prove it

the road is long enough
to meet the other side
the serpent will be there
the gates are open

comes when you realise
that you're the only one
that you're god

this is
our way to colour your soul
our way to reach our goal
the way to be alive

this is
a part of all of us
the dream that's buried in you
this is you
Track Name: Diamonds and Pearls
capture part of this and know the truth
see the light
be alive
crystal dreams to feel the sun again
pleasure and pain
fadin' in vain

tonight we'll fly
so high
to the moon and back
and we will die
and rise

play the game and load your silver gun
shoot in the heart
kill everyone
purple metaphor to steal your soul
oceans of tears
takin' us all

velvet gold for the king of the damned
rivers of blood
hidin' the sun
flashin' light as a god in the void
tellin' you lies
givin' you hope

just a second away from the fall
distance no more
time dissapears
crawlin' snakes in a fire of souls
violet skies
diamonds and pearls

where's the world that you promissed to show me
and the moon that you said it will shine
where are you when they seem to betrayed me
where's the blue when i'm loosin' my mind

lord of the failure
what's next
where do we go now
embrace the endless
it's time to say good bye
nothing is real
everything's burning
Track Name: The Last Words
abandoned by me
followed by you
forgive my murder
i'm fallin' into you
give me words
so i can breath
i'll give you life
i'll make you feel

everything i do
is turnin' to dust
and everyone i know
is lost in the past
i choose to ignore
the pain in my chest
i choose to forget
that you are the best

the pain
the pain of surrender
choose to throw the pain away
the game
the game of forever
choose to throw your fears away

fallin' asleep
i choose to be blind